CLEP Human Growth and Development Review Course

Human Growth Development CLEP Test You are about to start our Human Growth CLEP course. This quiz practice will prove your prowess in Human Growth and Development and help you successfully pass the exam. We will help you by providing an equally rigorous practice exam course that simulates what you will experience on exam day. First, lets break down what you will find on the exam.

Human Growth and Development Study Guides

The subject matter of the Human Growth and Development examination is drawn from the following categories.

Ch. 1 Theoretical Perspectives

Ch. 2 Research Strategies and Methodologies

Ch. 3 Biological Development

Ch. 4 Perceptual Development

Ch. 5 Cognitive Development

Ch. 6 Language Development

Ch. 7 Intelligence

Ch. 8 Social Development

Ch. 9 Family, Home, and Society

Ch. 10 Personality and Emotion

Ch. 11 Learning

Ch. 12 Schooling, Work, and Interventions

Ch. 13 Atypical Development


CLEP Human Growth and Development CLEP Test Practice

Welcome to the CLEP Human Growth and Development Quiz. These tests are grouped into sections to make your study easier. The sections include the following:

Growth & Development Part 1

This Human Growth and Development Quiz includes 90 questions and some of the sections it covers are biological development, perceptual development, cognitive development, language development, intelligence and social development.

Time Required
1 hour

Simulated Human Growth & Development Practice CLEP Test

This is a full length simulated CLEP exam providing a similar experience to the the actual College Board CLEP exam. This timed CLEP exam is geared to prepare you for the pace and format that you'll need to succeed. Use it to test your knowledge while getting as close as you can to the real-life conditions of the exam.

Time Required
90 Minutes

Human Growth and Development Resources

Read the Growth & Development exam description.


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Online Resources